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experienced concrete contractorsIndependent Materials Testing Laboratories Inc. relies on technology, multi-trained certified staff, and our years of experience to deliver comprehensive analysis and quality control/problem resolution investigations. We work with ASTM, ACI, AWS, AASHTO, AISC, BOCA, and State DOT specifications, as well as custom specifications to meet unique project requirements.

We provide inspection, testing, and documentation services in concert with our extensive range of in-depth field and lab work in the following areas:


  • Compaction and Density
  • Extractions and Theoretical Density

Building Forensics

  • R-Meter Testing of Rebar
  • Coring Of Concrete and Masonry
  • Windsor Probe Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Steel Analysis


  • Batch Plant Inspections
  • Chloride Testing
  • Coring and Core Analysis
  • Floor Flatness & Levelness
  • Mix Designs
  • Moisture and Ph Testing
  • Placement Control and Monitoring
  • Reinforcing Inspection

Fireproofing & Firesafing

  • Thickness, Adhesion and Density Testing


  • Comprehensive Soils Analysis
  • Gradation Analysis
  • Proctor Density Testing
  • Soils Fill Compaction and Monitoring


  • Absorption Testing
  • Compressive Strength
  • Grout and Mortar Inspection
  • Inspection, Monitoring and Control

Owner's Representative Services

  • Monitoring, Documentation and Reporting


  • Inspection, Monitoring and Control

Precast and Prestress Concrete

  • Inspection, Monitoring and Control


  • Inspection of Materials and Methods

Structural Steel

  • Bolt Torquing
  • Ndt, Ultrasonic, Mag Particle and Radiographic
  • Lightgauge Steel Inspection
  • Welding Inspection
  • Welder Qualifications

Special Inspections
Specialized Services
Wood Framing and Trusses

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Contact Information

Independent Materials Testing Laboratories Inc.

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